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  • MPO Splitter is made with a high-density MPO connector, and it realizes the Optical Splitter’s function which divides & delivers the optical signal into a number of ports with compact size. User can reduce their time and space volume from the advantage of MPO connector, Further It can cut the cost for the maintenance and management of inventory due to customizing with various Fan-out or Cables.
  • Low IL , PDL
  • No needs of number of cables
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimized size using MPO connector
  • Quick connection and install
  • FTTx, CATV Networks
  • Data center Networks
  • Telecommunication Networks
Parameter Conditions
Operating Wavelength 1260~1650nm
Maximum Input Power 500mW
Insertion Loss (All ports @1.31, 1.55㎛) 1ⅹ4 1ⅹ8 1ⅹ16 1ⅹ32
≤7.5dB ≤10.8dB ≤13.8dB ≤17.5dB
Uniformity of I.L 1ⅹ4 1ⅹ8 1ⅹ16 1ⅹ32
≤0.8dB ≤1.0dB ≤1.0dB ≤1.3dB
PDL 1ⅹ4 1ⅹ8 1ⅹ16 1ⅹ32
≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB ≤0.3dB
Return Loss 55dB
Dimension Height 8.0mm
Length ≤65.0mm (1x4 or 1x8)
≤80.0mm (1x16 or 1x32)
Width 11.3mm
※ Customized products are available upon customer request.