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MPO Attenuation Loopback

  • MPO Loopback is used for network, or optical link test, at 40/100G network.
    The MPO Loopback which strictly complies with the RoHS, not only meets the criteria of both TIA/EIA 604-5 and IEC 61754-7, but also provides compacted spec for a test of Burn-in and network component.
  • Small / Compact Housing Design
  • RoHS Compliant
  • QSFP Available
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Parallel Optics
  • Storage Area Network Fiber Channel
  • 40 and 100Gbps Protocols
Parameter Conditions
Operating Wavelength SM 1310/1550nm
Attenuation Tolerance ± 1dB(at 2~10dB), ± 10%(at 11~20dB)
Return Loss SM 60dB(8' Polishing)
Operating Temperature -40~75℃
Attenuation 1~20dB(SM 1310/1550nm)
Hosing Demension Height 5.9mm, Length 25.3mm, Width 16.2mm
※ Customized products are available upon customer request.