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  • Thank you very much for showing your interest in OptoNest Corp.
  • Optonest Corp. is making a big contribution to the application of the technology of photonics, such as functional specialty optical fiber for optical attenuation use and optical amplification use, optical fiber device for optical communication use, optical fiber sensor, and optical fiber laser, based on the technology of optoelectronics.

    Optonest Corp., based on the distinguished research and development and technical innovation ability, intends to become a company leading the world’s best technology in the field of functional specialty optical fiber, optical fiber OPO and OPA, and high power optical fiber laser.

    Receiving about 20 domestic and overseas patents, NT (New Technology) mark, Industrial Research - 52, and Korea’s 100 Best Patented Technology Award, Optonest Corp. has let its technologies acknowledged, and will approach customers with new technical development and best products.

    Optonest Corp. welcomes all the opportunities to show its potentiality in the field of specialty optical fiber for optical communication use, optical sensor network system, and optical fiber laser for industrial and medical use. In addition, by connecting the technology of specialty optical fiber with the technology of optoelectronics, Optonest Corp. will do its best to supply new and efficient products to customers.